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Since its inception in September 2017, Ludocare has been focused on helping people living with chronic diseases:
Today, more than 20 million people in France suffer from a chronic disease and it’s more than 200 millions in the USA
Most chronic diseases requires complex treatment regimens including daily dosing to ensure optimal disease management
The impact of chronic diseases often extends beyond the individual to other family members or co-residents

At Ludocare, we offer a number of age-appropriate, play or gaming-based solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of both the individual with chronic disease and their family and social community.

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Technological innovation designed to make treatment adherence entertaining.



To empower individuals to take control of their disease through the use of state-of- the-art gaming technology.



  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Sharing



Joe is the first-ever, connected robot-companion designed to help children between 3 and 11 years of age to adhere to their daily treatment plans for better control of their conditions.

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Business France

Le 28 juin 2018, LUDOCARE a officiellement intégré le programme Care Talk Tour de Business France !  Un jury composé de 16 grands industriels et investisseurs américains et canadiens nous ont choisis pour représenter la France.  Nous avons été reconnus comme l’une des 10 meilleures startups dans le domaine de la e-santé, à fort potentiel […]