Present Situation

Every year, more people are diagnosed with a chronic disease in France and 1 out of every 2 persons with a chronic disease either do not take their medicine or take it incorrectly irrespective of their age or disease. Poor treatment compliance has serious health consequences for these people – now and in the future – as well as for the overall societal burden of these chronic diseases.

Our Ambition

To create a virtuous circle open to everyone based on three values: trust, sharing and transparency. To develop state-of-the-art gaming solutions that empower children to manage their chronic medical conditions more effectively.

Our Aim 

To design robot companions that support children living with chronic diseases to adhere to their daily treatment.

To improve compliance thanks to connected, innovative and fun solutions.

To improve the quality of life through better control of the disease.

To reduce overall costs by reducing hospitalizations.

To promote research with real-life health data.

Our Promise

Help children go from just following their treatment to taking ownership of it giving them to power to control their care in an entertaining, age-appropriate way.